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With the shared objective of developing the use of public transport in the Hauts-de-France region, the 17 AOMDs (sustainable mobility authorities) have sought to implement a collective initiative with regard to intermodal transport. This collaboration, launched by the signature of a regional intermodal transport charter in 1999, reached new dimensions with the constitution of the SMIRT (joint association for regional intermodal transport) in 2009 and eventually the Syndicat Mixte Hauts-de-France Mobilités in 2018.

The Pass Pass card is the fruit of the initial joint efforts of these various sustainable mobility authorities. This ticketing medium can now be used for TER regional express trains, the Arc-en-Ciel network in the Nord department, and on the Lille, Calais, Dunkirk and Cambrai urban transport systems. Other networks will join the system shortly.

The next stage in this initiative is to set up the passpass.fr website. This tool will serve to provide information to multimodal transport passengers, making sure that the entire regional transport network is available to all.
Thus, the Pass Pass project is constantly evolving so as to facilitate your travels.

Members of the Pass Pass community

The Hauts-de-France Mobilités members are as follows:

-   Hauts-de-France regional council,
-   MEL (Lille European metropolis),
-   SMTAG (Artois-Gohelle joint association for transport),
-   SIMOUV (Valenciennes urban mobility inter-municipality association),
-   CUDGL (Dunkirk Grand Littoral urban authority),
-   SMTD (Douai joint association for transport),
-   CUA (Arras urban authority),
-   SITAC (Calais agglomeration inter-municipality association for urban transport),
-   CAB (Boulogne-sur-Mer agglomeration community),
-   SMTUS (Sambre joint association for urban transport),
-   CAPSO (Pays de Saint-Omer agglomeration community),
-   CAC (Cambrai agglomeration community)
-   SITUS (Soissons urban mobility inter-municipality association),
-   Château-Thierry agglomeration community,
-   Chauny-Tergnier-La Fère agglomeration community,
-   2 Baies en Montreuillois agglomeration community,
-   Saint-Quentin agglomeration community.


Hauts-de-France Mobilités joint association is chaired by M. Franck DHERSIN.
Vice-Chairman for transport and transport infrastructure for the Hauts-de-France regional,
Vice-Chairman of the Dunkirk urban authority,
Mayor of Téteghem-Coudekerque-Village.


Hauts-de-France Mobilités
Siège de Région Hauts-de-France
151 Avenue du Président HOOVER

Mail : contact@passpass.fr