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Safety in the presence of Tramways

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Safety in the presence of Tramways

Network(s) : Transvilles (SIMOUV)

New on the Pass Pass Hauts-de-France network: the Transvilles de Valenciennes network is committed to safety in the face of Tramways.

Transvilles is launching a communication campaign on its network to raise public awareness of risky behaviour regarding the operation of trams in the Greater Valenciennes area.
In 2018, Transvilles has 15 traffic accidents with a tramway....
The causes? Lack of attention from motorists, traps, two-wheeled vehicles and failure to comply with road signs.
The consequences? Victims, material damage, traffic cuts, moral repercussions...
For a better sharing of the urban environment to reduce the risk of accidents, Transvilles has adopted this message to raise awareness:
"Cross his eyes, not his path. 1 tramway, 50 tons, 20 meters to brake, 1 manhole is enough to avoid it. »


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